Adobe EPUB DRM Removal

How to read epub on Kindle

How to read drm epub on Kindle

As an ebook reader, usually, I would like to go some dependable and well-known sites to buy books. Because we have to make a safe condition for our readers. Lest we download some books that are not clean, such as containing third party ads, virus, and incomplete content of the book content, we tend to go to these shops to purchase books: Adobe Store, Kobo Store, Sony Store, and so on.

While if you have bought or lent books from all the sites below, of course, their books are absolutely safe to read, but you may note that a majority of your books are formatted as epub.

Epub is a commonly used book format so many book publishers like to use it to satisfy the demand of customers. But we can see an obvious drawback that epub is not available for Kindle reading. Kindle only supports azw/mobi format, so it has isolated with other readers. Every epub books from popular and official book stores have set up their own epub drm to separate their own characteristics from others, except free one. It means that we are not capable to read them on other readers, let alone Kindle.

Then how to convert DRM ePub to MOBI so as to read them on Kindle, Mobipocket, etc? Here we provide an easy method to help you convert DRM ePub to Mobi. Tools needed are:

Epub drm removal/ Adobe drm removal

Although Nook uses epub as others all the same, its drm is different from other epub books. For most of epub books use regular Adobe epub drm, firstly we would tell you how to use EPUB drm removal to remove drm.

Adobe PDF ePub DRM RemovalVersion 4.1.6 for Windows
Adobe PDF ePub DRM Removal MacVersion 4.1.6 for Mac

Step 1. Authorize your copy of Adobe Digital Editions. Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) and authorize your copy. Download and install the needed software. Then run it.

Step 2. Add ePub files to this ePub DRM removal. Click on the “Add” button to choose your EPUB ebook / input folder. You’ll find it in “My Documents\My Digital Editions”. If you just can’t find the EPUB ebook, open Adobe Digital Editions and find the path in the properties of the ebook.

Step 3. Finally, click “Start” to remove ePub DRM fast.

Nook drm removal

The second situation, if you have download epub books from Barne&Noble, you may need Nook drm removal instead. The steps are instructed below.

Nook DRM RemovalVersion 3.8.2 for Windows
Nook DRM Removal for MacVersion 3.8.2 for Mac

1. First, download and install Nook for PCAfter you installed Nook for PC , you can try to open the ebook in your computer ,If these e-books can be read normally, then they will be able to be converted.

2. Download and install Epubsoft Nook DRM Removal.

3. Run Nook DRM Removal, click “Add” button to select the ebook file.

4. Click “Start” button, it will create a new ebook file without DRM in seconds.

When we have removed epub drm, the rest thing will be easier to work out. We just need a free Calibre to convert the non-drm epub to azw/mobi, then transfer converted books to kindle, we can read them immediately.

If you think this is a complex method to solve this problem, you can also use one ultimate tool—Epubsoft Ebook Converter, which has dual effect on both removing drm and converting book format.


How to read Kindle azw books on iPad

iPad and iPhone are now extremely popular among tablet users. We like to use them to read books. For the special characteristics that Apple devices own, we will feel that possessing any of them is a symbol of status more or less. The iPad is one of the most excellent innovations of the 21st century, it indeed improves our reading comforts, the size is similar to the actual books, the high-tech screen is notably resemblance to real paper and help you get into a book naturally. With the iPad, you get to enjoy a wonderful epub displaying which is friendly for the eyes, this allows you to read for hours with no eye-fatigue.

But everything is difficult to be perfect. As we all know, iPad can bring us some good glory, but the application and books sometimes bring pain to us. They are too expensive. If you have bought an iPad then maybe you need to pay more money for the books you like to read than the device itself. Am I right?

So you may turn your eyes to other places to get some easy to gain books to satisfy your reading hobbies. On the current market, according to the research, kindle books have come to the top position in the ebook formats. That is equal to say kindle azw is the main format. An ocean of free books come from some famous and large book sites, they are  pdf format.

As soon as you bought your iPad, you will get the information from sellers or merchants that iPad works with epub format. Pdf is not a good format to read on iPad at all. It will present you a blurry interface that make great influence on your reading. Or the most awesome case, you cannot open them at all. So what is a proper way for us to read pdf format books on iPad? We are certainly not willing to miss a stream of nice and cheap kindle books even we have a surpassing iPad. This is a practical method I found for you, through this way, reading pdf format ebooks on iPad will no longer a tough thing. At the same time, it saves a lot for your pocket.

Want to start the conversion, you need to install the Best Epubsoft Ebook Converter to your computer. It is a tool that we can use to convert azw to epub, also we can use it to convert pdf to epub as we like.Then follow the steps below to convert kindle azw to iPad epub format, step by step.

After converting from Kindle azw to epub, you can also read Kindle books on iPad/iPad 2, iPhone, Sony Reader, Android tablet or Phone, and so on!

1. Download and install Epubsoft Ebook Converter.

Epubsoft Ebook ConverterVersion 5.4.1 for Windows

2. From the main screen, Click on “Add Ebooks” in the upper left corner to add your kindle books. Then select “Apple devices” option on the left panel.

3. Click “Convert now” to start converting. It won’t take you long time. You can add multiple ebook files at one time (10 to 100 is ok).

After the conversion is done. You can click “Open” button to view the converted epub books. These books can be read on iPad normally! This is also a powerful program that can really help you to convert the ebooks, like azw to epub, epub to azw, epub to pdf, etc.